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About This Project


Original Screen Play by Mattia Sbragia

“Love your family, love your friends, love your town, love your country, cherish each and every moment of your life. War can come any day, any place and you will have to live through it defending yourself and all the others”.

Each day, at midday, a canon shoots at Gianicolo Hill in ROME. Not many people know why… This story is about a young thirteen year old boy who is a reason for the canon shot. 

In 1849, during a very twisted period of Roman history, with the French bombing the town, that boy, called Righetto, with his dog and four of his best friends made their leaving by risking life every day, defusing French bombs. They sold the gunpowder to the soldiers of Garibaldi.

Righetto had no family, but a bread shop owner and his wife gave him a hand. Our boy was secretly in love with a beautiful Beatrice, daughter of a butcher, hoping one day to propose her. That day would never come, because at midday of a hot summer day Righetto saw a bomb falling on to the Sisto bridge, where the market was,  and understood that it was too late to defuse it. So he coved it with his own body, and saved a lot of common people.

It is a true story and Righetto is a real Roman super hero.

He was loved and protected by the whole city, which allowed him to grow and aspire towards a future which war will snatch away from him. A boy with a child’s grin and impudence, able to arouse love and affection, who succeeded in creating for himself a normal life in the abnormality of war. He displayed a vitality that after his death, generated in those who loved him a desperate will to survive and which kept his memory alive in time. Righetto was only thirteen years old at the time of these events, but he lived and struggled for an ideal – Liberty, Justice and Equality – with the purity and conviction that only a boy can dedicate to his own discoveries. It is a story which belongs to all the Romans, but every town in the world has its’ own hero. 

War goes on each and every day now in other parts of the world, so we must remember it and cherish each and every moment of a peace that we have a fortune to live.